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This Is What to Do if Your Furnace Is Leaking Water

Heating systems are the fourth most common repairs as reported by Consumer Affairs.

It’s best to stay diligent when it comes to furnace problems. As with any issues that can happen around the house, things can get exponentially worse when they’re not dealt with. 

Here are some things you should do if your furnace is leaking water to avoid problems becoming more severe and doing more damage. 

What To Do When Your Furnace Is Leaking Water 

The first thing to do when you notice your furnace is leaking water is to determine what’s causing it. This will play a big part in how you treat your heater problems. 

Causes For A Furnace Leaking Water

Let’s start off by saying that water damage can be serious. If you notice water gathering around your furnace, you’d do well to contact a furnace repair specialist immediately.


Condensation is the most common cause of a furnace leaking water. Most of the time, the excess water gets carried away by pipes or a floor drain. Sometimes those pipes or the drain can become blocked. 

If you notice water pooling around the base of your furnace, that’s a good indication that your pipes might be blocked. 

Leaking Humidifier

The humidifier is intended to re-introduce moisture to your home’s air to avoid dryness. Sometimes the connectors can become damaged. This can lead to a furnace leaking water as well.

Plumbing Leak

Sometimes the moisture coming from your furnace isn’t actually from your furnace. It can also come from the pipes themselves. This could be an indication of a plumbing problem. 

Just because the water isn’t coming from the furnace doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be addressed, though. If you determine that the leaking water is coming from the pipes, you’ll need to consult with a plumber as quickly as possible. Leaving standing water untended is a recipe for water damage. 

What To Do When You Notice A Leak

When you determine that water is coming from your furnace you have to ask fast! For one, it could be a sign that there’s a bigger problem with your furnace. For two, it could also lead to standing water which could cause water damage to your foundation. 

To start, you need to turn your entire heating system off. There is usually a switch near the furnace. If you can’t find that, you can turn the furnace off at the breaker. 

Next, you’ll need to clean up all the water that’s collected. Otherwise, it could damage the floor. It could also damage the furnace itself. 

If there’s a lot of water you may need to rent a wet/dry vac, as well. 

Once you’ve got the furnace turned off and the water contained, you should contact a furnace repair technician. They’ll be able to fix whatever problem’s causing the leak and get you back online in next to no time! 

Need Furnace Repairs? 

A working furnace and air conditioning are so vital to being comfortable in our homes. This was important at the best of times, but it’s become essential since we’re all spending so much time at home these days. 

If you’ve noticed that your furnace is leaking water, get in touch with us today to request an estimate!

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