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The Common Types of Heating Systems for Houses

Missouri experiences freezing temperatures every year during the winter season. Staying warm during these temperatures is essential, but can be difficult if you are not prepared.

Being prepared for the winter seasons is the key to staying warm and comfortable in your home.

One important factor in keeping your home warm is heating systems. They are commonly installed and essential to heating a home.

You may be wondering what types of heating systems there are and which one is best for heating a house. This article will give you a description of the different heating systems there are to choose from.

Types of Heating Systems

There are a variety of heating systems that homeowners can choose from. If you are not sure how to heat a home, the descriptions of these systems will give you a better idea of what may work best for your home.

1. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are one of the newest heating systems available. They not only offer a source of heat but help with cooling down homes as well.

While other types of heating systems generate heat, the heat pump transfers heat by pulling heat from the area around it. 

Because of the advanced technology that comes along with this system, they are more efficient and commonly used in homes. If you are looking for a heating system that offers both heating and cooling functions, then this is a great option. Though, they function best in mild climates.

2. Furnaces

Furnaces are the most popular heating systems used for heating homes.

They heat homes by heating air and sending it throughout your home. The heated air travels through ducts.

Furnaces are most commonly powered by gas, but electricity, propane, and oil can be used as well. The thermostat controls the heat that the furnace distributes throughout your home. 

These furnaces are not only an exceptional home heating system, but they can help in the hotter temperatures with humidity control.

They are a great option because of the heating and humidity control functions but can take up more space and be noisy.

3. Boilers

Boilers are another common home heating system.

They work by sending hot water through pipes and radiators, which distribute heat throughout the home. These boiler systems are fueled by natural gas or heating oil.

The advantages to boilers are that they keep your home at a comfortable temperature and avoid making the air dry. The disadvantages are that they are more expensive to install and take up space.

4. Radiant Floor Heating

This heating system is more advanced and uses hot water or electric heat to keep homes warm.

These systems are located on the floors of homes and the heat travels through these tubes. Because they are on the floor, they distribute an even and comfortable amount of heat.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient and evenly distributing heating system, this is an option. The installation for these systems is expensive and can take a while to heat up, unlike other heating systems.

Keep Your Home Warm and Comfortable

Now that you know about the most common types of heating systems, along with their advantages and disadvantages, it is time to find someone to help you install a system.

Jerry’s Heating and Cooling LLC is dedicated to offering our customers exceptional service and systems. We have more than 30 years of HVAC experience and offer a variety of heating systems.

Contact us today if you are interested in having a heating system installed or if you have any questions.

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