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Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air? 4 Common Furnace Problems

Over 50% of households in America use some type of furnace during the colder months. Today, furnaces are probably the most used appliances in the country.

If you have one, you possibly have had some issues with it, especially if it’s more than three years old. One of the most common problems is having the furnace blowing cold air when you are expecting warm air. Here are some reasons why that could be happening:

1. Broken Thermostat

If your heater is not blowing hot air with the fan running, then the thermostat setting might be the problem. Regardless of whether the unit is heating the air or not, if the thermostat is broken, your furnace will keep blowing cold air.

Hiring a professional furnace repair company can help fix the problem and avoid some costly mistakes.

2. Problem with the Air Filter

If the furnace is overheating, it could end up blowing cold air. Having a dirty air filter is usually the main reason for overheating since it causes restricted airflow. This makes the furnace unit run harder and longer for adequate heating.

Hiring a professional furnace repair company to replace the dirty air filter is usually the best solution. Once they’ve made the switch, your heater will go back to blowing warm air.

3. Problem with Computerized Controls

If you have a newer furnace with an electronic control panel, you may need to reset the system. When furnace brands are different, the general concept is usually the same. If your furnace detects any issues, it may display an error code and stop blowing warm air.

Professional furnace repair companies offer experienced technicians who can troubleshoot your furnace and help restore it to start blowing warm air. So, if your furnace is experiencing any computerized control issues, don’t hesitate to call in a professional.

4. Clogged Oil Filter

Just like an air filter on a gas-fired system, an oil-fired furnace has filters that can become jammed with dirt and debris. As a result, this affects the ignition and causes your furnace to blow cold air inside your house.

If you have the know-how, you can clean or replace the filter yourself. However, this is a messy and technical process, hence we recommend leaving this job to the pros.

How to Avoid HVAC Problems Like Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Many furnace problems are preventable with routinely scheduled cleaning and maintenance. If you have a furnace blowing cold air, call in an expert to keep your system in the best state and prevent unanticipated failures.

At Jerry’s Heating and Cooling LLC, we provide customized plans to suit your needs and budget. Whether it’s a broken heater or a clogged air filter, our experts are prepared to help you with your problems. Make an appointment today to get started.

Also, you can learn more about furnace preventative maintenance tips from our blog section.

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