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How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?: Everything You Need to Know

Are you in the market for a new HVAC system? If so, you probably have lots of questions.

How long do HVAC systems last? What’s the cost to replace an HVAC system? Is there anything that can be done to extend the life of an HVAC system?

A maintained HVAC system can provide years of service, but it’s important to provide routine maintenance and to care for it. 

Keep reading for a full breakdown about the ins and outs of HVAC systems, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

If you’re looking to purchase a new HVAC system, you’re curious about how long they last. They’re a major investment, and you want to know how long you can expect your investment to provide you service. 

This is also true if you’re house shopping and wondering how long you’ll get out of a prospective home’s HVAC system before needing to invest in a new one. 

There are several factors to take into consideration when determining how long your HVAC system will last. Since it can cost $4000-$10,000 to replace an HVAC system, it’s best to schedule routine maintenance.

Routine Maintenance

It’s recommended that you service your HVAC system yearly and replace air filters every month. An HVAC system that’s cared for will last 15-25 years.

What causes such a large range in the life expectancy of an HVAC system?

One of the main reasons HVAC systems fail is poor maintenance. You’d be amazed at the number of people that spend thousands of dollars on HVAC systems only to neglect them.

An HVAC system is an investment in your home and in your air quality, especially if you have allergies, so maintenance is essential.

Make sure to have a trusted HVAC service technician inspect, service, and repair your HVAC system yearly to ensure you get the most out of it. 

Improper Usage

It may sound contradictory, but more times than not, people will keep windows and doors open while running their HVAC unit. This is especially true in the hot summer months. 

When windows and doors are open, your HVAC unit needs to work harder to cool your home. As a result, unnecessary stress is placed on your system. This can lead to premature malfunctions and cause your system to have a shorter lifespan. 

Defective Parts and Poor Installation

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” it holds true, especially with HVAC system installation. While it may be tempting to use the cheapest company in town, you may wind up throwing good money after bad.

Make sure you do your research before hiring an HVAC installer and ask what kinds of equipment they install. While poor installation can hurt your HVAC system, so can faulty parts.

How long your HVAC system will last also depends on the type of system used. 

Furnaces and Boilers

If you have a gas furnace you can expect to get 20-30 years of use from it. Boilers, on the other hand, tend to generate 20-35 years of use. 

Furnaces heat air in order for a blower to push the air through your home’s ductwork. Boilers, however, are more commonly used in homes with baseboard heat. 

Boilers heat your home’s water before pushing it through a series of pipes in your home, providing you heat.

Air Conditioning

Another component of your HVAC system is your central air conditioning unit. On average, you can expect to get 15-20 years out of these units, when properly maintained. 

It’s important to not overwork your system. An example would be raising and lowering your thermostat continuously throughout the day. It’s best to pick one constant temperature for the day and one for the night.

Remember not to set your thermostat too low, as this also causes extra stress on your HVAC system.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Perhaps your home is without ductwork, as is the case with many older homes. Or maybe your house has a room that never seems to cool down or heat up.

This makes ductless mini-split systems an ideal solution. Depending on the size of your house or room you’re looking to heat or cool, a series of compressors will be installed outside your home.

The rooms that require additional climate control will receive indoor air-handling units. These units can be used to heat and cool the desired rooms without having to install expensive ductwork.

You can expect these systems to last 10-30 years when taken care of. Again, it all depends on the brand you purchase and the quality of service when installed.

Tips to Extend Your HVAC System’s Life

While a yearly service call seems enough to maintain your system, it often isn’t. Follow these tips and tricks to extend the life of your HVAC system.

Bi-Annual Tune-Ups

While yearly serving is a necessity for HVAC systems, you can increase your system’s lifespan with two tune-ups a year. This allows the technician to catch any potential issues before they arise. 

HVAC systems aren’t cheap. Bi-annually maintenance in an inexpensive way to keep your HVAC system around for longer. 

Insulation Upgrade

Another suggestion is to upgrade your home’s insulation. Not only will this cause your HVAC system to work more efficiently, but it’ll save you money every month on your energy bills.

Clean Your Condenser

Make sure to check out your condenser from time to time. It can easily become filled with debris from storms, causing it to wear out faster or malfunction. It’s a great idea to invest in a winter cover for it, helping to keep pests and leaves out when not in use. 

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats are where it’s at. They allow you to make small changes to your home’s temperature without putting too much stress or strain on the system itself. 

Clean Your Ducts

Don’t forget about your ducts. Make sure to routinely clean them, ensuring your HVAC system can work without any buildup getting in the way. It’s also a great way to improve your indoor air quality.

Service You Can Depend On

An HVAC system is essential to any home. It provides quality air throughout your house and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This is why routine HVAC maintenance is a must. You work hard for your money, so don’t waste it on unnecessary HVAC replacement.

So, how long do HVAC systems last? The answer is simple. A maintained system can provide decades of service. 

For unparalleled HVAC service and to schedule your routine maintenance, contact us today and a member of our dedicated staff will be happy to assist you. Whatever your HVAC needs, we’ve got you covered. 

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