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AC Airflow Issues: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

We rely on our air conditioning units to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature all year long. Each day, we come home and expect the air conditioning to be doing its job. The last thing homeowners want to discover is a broken air conditioning unit or one that’s not working properly. 

Unfortunately, these things happen from time to time. AC airflow issues are common no matter what type of unit you own. All machinery and technology will need proper maintenance and eventually your system will need replacing. 

Below, you’ll find several common AC airflow issues and solutions. Continue reading to learn more!

Common AC Airflow Problems

There are many different types of airflow issues your unit might be experiencing. Below are three common issues to be on the look for.

Little Airflow From the Vents

You turn your AC unit on and place the setting to “fan on.” This setting will keep the AC running rather than shutting off once it reaches the right temperature and then kicking back on every few minutes. With this setting on, air should flow through the vents continuously. 

If you place your hand near a vent and don’t feel any air coming out or only a small amount of air, then there’s an airflow problem.

Warm Air Blowing From the Vents

It’s hot outside and you’re relying on your AC unit to provide you with cool air inside of your home. Instead, warm air is blowing out of the vents. Check your thermostat to ensure it’s set to the right temperature. 

If warm air is still blowing out of the vents, then you’re dealing with an airflow issue. 

Hot and Cold Spots in the House

You walk around the house and some spots feel cooler than others. You start to notice that the temperature in your house varies from room to room. Unfortunately, this is a sign that something is wrong with your AC unit.

It’s best to determine the issue and correct the problem as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to the unit. 

Solutions to Common Airflow Problems

Although there are common airflow issues to expect with an AC unit, there are also some common solutions. All airflow problems won’t require the same solution, but these are a few solutions to consider testing. 

Check the AC Filters

When’s the last time you changed the air filters? A clogged air filter can obstruct the airflow. An air filter filled with dirt and dust can cause weak airflow from AC vents or cold and warm spots around the house. 

It’s a simple solution to change the air filter out on a regular basis to improve your AC unit’s performance and increase AC airflow. 

Clean Areas Surrounding AC Units

Objects surrounding your AC units can also obstruct proper airflow. Check both your inside and outside units to see if there are any objects surrounding them. Remove brooms, vacuums, and other items from your indoor unit’s closet. 

Clear sticks, twigs, leaves, and other debris from around the outside unit to see if there’s an increase in airflow. 

Ensure Proper Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels in your AC unit can also cause low-performance issues, including the unit blowing warm air. Adding more refrigerant to your unit could correct the issue, but you’ll want to inspect the reason why the levels were low. 

There could be a leak, which will need repair. 

Let the Professionals Inspect the Air Conditioning For You

Determining the exact cause of your AC airflow issues isn’t always the simplest task to complete. When you need help with your AC unit’s problems and solutions, contact Jerry’s Heating and Cooling LLC for a free estimate

We’ve been committed to excellence and customer satisfaction within our trade since 1991 and look forward to hearing from you. 

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