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5 Strange AC Noises and What They Mean

About three-quarters of American homes use air conditioners to total $29 billion in yearly expenses. American homes and businesses are using air conditioners at record rates, but that also means record repairs.

If your air conditioner is filling your home with loud sounds instead of cool air, you may be wondering what’s causing it. AC noises can be annoying, but the cool thing is that they can help you find the issue faster!

Continue reading to learn about the many types of AC noises and their causes!

1. Buzzes

Unless you’re a beekeeper, this isn’t a good sound to hear! This loud AC noise can sound like electrical buzzing or like bees are powering your unit.

The cause can be ice in the frozen unit, a blade issue, or unsecured wiring. To fix it, you need to power down the unit and replace the identified faulty component.

It can be as simple as tightening fan blades or replacing used condenser coils. A more complicated repair, such as a leak or electrical issue, will require professional attention. Companies like Jerry’s Heating & Cooling would be able to solve the problem safely and efficiently.

2. High-Pitch or Low-Pitch Squeals

If you hear a sound that sounds like a low-pitch or high-pitch cry, it could mean pressure or belt issues.

Low-pitch squeals signify that the AC’s belt is damaged and to fix it you can replace the part. High-pitch squeals are caused by increased pressure in the AC and can be fixed by replacing the compressor. These repairs may be able to be done by you or may need more experienced care.

3. Bangs

A banging AC can sound like something in your unit is trying to break out.

The cause is often a loose part such as a rod or bolt. To fix it quickly, tighten any loose parts or remove any items accidentally lodged in the AC. A more complicated fix is duct or compressor repairs.

4. Hums

A humming sound can sound like your AC is singing to you from inside the unit.

Hums can mean that one of the unit’s parts is loose, such as a wire or pipe. A quick fix is to tighten any loose part until the noise stops.

If that doesn’t fix your noisy AC problem, the advanced repair may include replacing the motor or relay switch.

5. Liquid Sounds

You may be hearing AC noises resembling bubbling or water movement sounds.

This typically signifies too much moisture in your air conditioner. Your damaged unit may even grow and spread bacteria that is harmful to your health.

A fast fix would be to find the damage or leaks in the unit’s drainage pipe and seal or replace the pipe. The fix may also require the professional installation of a completely new drainage line for the AC.

Fix Your AC Noises

AC noises can be irritating, but they can be a key resource for repair companies to figure out how to fix a loud AC fast.

Since 1991, Jerry’s Heating and Cooling has been repairing air conditioners in homes and businesses. With ties to the local Missouri community, we guarantee honest and experienced service.

Contact us today for a free estimate so we can help you get back to feeling the cool air, instead of hearing it!

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