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5 Common Furnace Problems Homeowners Experience

If you’re a homeowner, you know that furnace maintenance is vital. Furnace problems stem from a variety of controllable factors, but when furnace issues pop up, you need to act fast. 

If you’re having trouble diagnosing the situation, consider the circumstances you’re experiencing. But what should you look for when you’re experiencing furnace issues?

Troubleshooting the issue comes down to five common furnace problems. Let’s cover the ins and outs of a broken furnace.

1. Lack of General Maintenance

Routine maintenance is key across all areas of your home. Throughout the year, furnaces experience more use due to the weather and climate. 

The more they’re used, the more important it is to check them. A maintenance agreement with a company is a great way to make sure you’re tending to issues before they get worse. 

If you have something like this in place, the tech might find a problem with the furnace early. This will save you money and additional stress. 

2. Blowing Cold Air

If your furnace is pumping cold air instead of heat, you have a few things to check. 

Make sure you switch the fan positioning from “Auto” to the “On” position to check the system beforehand. If this doesn’t solve the problem, follow an additional checklist:

  1. Turn the gas off and check the gas cock
  2. Ensure it’s parallel to the gas line
  3. If not, the control valve must need replacing
  4. Check the ignitor
  5. The draft motor may be blocked

These things are simple to check and should be easy to monitor. 

3. Furnace Shuts Off

If your furnace is shutting off consistently, it might need a good cleaning. 

Your furnace filter is likely clogged, the flame sensor isn’t working, or the thermostat is failing. Although these are common when your furnace stops running, there can also be other issues. 

Cycling on and off is known as furnace short-cycling. 

4. Burner Adjustments

Your furnace is reliant on a burner to heat the air that’s being blown through the air ducts. 

The ignition system might be working, but if your burner isn’t lighting, there likely won’t be hot air. If there is hot air, the efficiency of the furnace will be lacking, and the result will be high energy bills. 

Sometimes a simple clean of the burner can fix the problem. If not, you might experience a gas leak or carbon monoxide issues.  

5. Ignition Furnace Problems

As mentioned above, the ignition system is responsible for igniting the system with the help of the burner. 

Electric systems aren’t without their own problems. If you know what type of ignition system you have, you’ll be able to diagnose the problem quickly. 

A malfunctioning igniter will result in limited heat, frequent cycling, and an overreactive blower. If you have an older igniter, change it. These aren’t meant to last the lifetime of the furnace. 

Once they start to burn out, the igniter is worthless.

Heating and Cooling

Furnace problems can bring a brutal start to colder months. Freezing temperatures are a concern for any homeowner. 

If you’re worried about the heating of your home, don’t. Jerry’s Heating and Cooling LLC is committed to excellence in the space. Need repairs? Give us a call. We’ll send out one of our professionals to help fix the problem fast. 

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