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3 Types of Furnace Noises and What They Mean

In the United States, furnaces are part of a $16.54 billion business. This illustrates that there are several pros available that handle repairs, maintenance, and any other work you need for your furnace. 

Staying ahead of furnace problems makes your HVAC system more productive and cost-effective. If you ever want to know what’s going on with your furnace, all you have to do is listen.  

Sometimes furnace noises are just part of the machine doing its work. Other times, it could be a sign that you’re dealing with an expensive issue. These tips will explain some common furnace noises, in addition to information on what they mean. 

1. Rattling Sounds

Rattling sounds are some of the most common furnace noises that you will hear. These furnace sounds usually point to some sort of loose connection. This could mean that components of the furnace came loose or that your ductwork is loose and needs to be tightened or secured. 

This could also point toward issues with the motor, fan, or other parts of the furnace. 

2. The Sound of Metal on Metal

Some noises coming from your furnace are more jarring than others. The sounds of metal grinding, clanging, or scratching against metal can mean several things. 

For one, it could mean that you have a blower wheel that is malfunctioning. This metal-on-metal sound could also mean that your furnace is lacking lubricant for some of its moving parts.

If these sorts of issues go unchecked, you could run the risk of burning out your furnace and being left in the cold. It’s important to get this inspected quickly to rule out a more serious problem. 

3. High-Pitched Screeching or Squealing

It’s also commonplace for your furnace to emit screeches and squeals. These are sounds that you never want to hear, though they don’t always spell malfunction. Your furnace could make this sound after the system hasn’t been started up all season. 

The sound could also indicate a problem with one of your belts, the pressure of the gas, or that certain parts are dry and in need of oil. Depending on the pitch and volume of the screeching or squealing, a furnace repair might be in order. 

Get these sounds checked out to be on the safe side, particularly if it’s an issue involving gas. Have a professional test your carbon monoxide monitor regularly so that you know right away when there’s a leak. 

Pay Attention to Furnace Noises

Take these furnace noises seriously so that you can avoid a costly and dangerous HVAC emergency. Furnace professionals can get to the bottom of these issues, and their repairs can make your furnace more energy-efficient, which may also reduce your bills. 

Jerry’s Heating and Cooling can get to the bottom of what’s going on with your furnace. We’re a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ accredited company that has been in business since 1991. We provide excellent heating and cooling installation and repair work for customers all over southwestern Missouri. 

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