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3 Easy Hacks for a Cooler Home During the Summer Heat

In our previous blog, we talked about ways to optimize your thermostat settings to stay cool during the summer. But there are alternatives to air conditioning (and high energy bills) when the scorching heat of summer rolls in and sticks around. There are some simple and effective steps you can implement to keep your home cooler without relying solely on air conditioning. Let’s investigate 3 of those easy hacks that will help you beat the summer heat 

1. Optimize Natural Ventilation

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to cool your home is by harnessing the power of natural ventilation. In the mornings and evenings, start by strategically opening windows and doors to create cross ventilation, allowing fresh air to flow throughout your space. Positioning fans near open windows will enhance this effect. Additionally, consider installing window coverings such as blinds or curtains to block direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day. This simple adjustment will prevent unwanted heat from entering your home, keeping it significantly cooler.

2. Create Smart Landscaping

Landscaping plays a crucial role in maintaining a cool environment around your home. And besides that, great landscaping can be visually appealing. By strategically planting trees, vines, or shrubs, you can provide natural shade and reduce the amount of heat that enters your living space. Deciduous trees (many of which we have here in the Ozarks) are particularly effective, as they provide shade during summer but allow sunlight to filter through during winter. As well, incorporating green roofs or vertical gardens can significantly reduce the temperature of your home by absorbing heat and providing a natural cooling effect.

3. Reduce Internal Heat Sources

Many household activities and appliances generate heat, contributing to the overall temperature rise in your home. Many of us have computers, laptops, and smart TVs in addition to typical appliances like stoves and washing machines and dryers. By minimizing internal heat sources, you can significantly reduce the need for constant cooling. Here are a few simple steps to achieve this:

  • Use energy-efficient lighting: Replace traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-saving alternatives like LED bulbs, which emit less heat.
  • Limit heat-generating appliances: During the hottest hours of the day, avoid using heat-generating appliances like ovens, stoves, and clothes dryers. 
  • Unplug electronics when not in use. We know that might sound like a lot of effort, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember, even when turned off, many electronic devices generate heat. So if you can, unplug your laptops, chargers, computers, and gaming systems. If you use power strips, then it’s just one flick of the switch to turn off multiple devices. 

Beating the summer heat doesn’t have to be a challenge if you implement these easy hacks to cool your home. By optimizing natural ventilation, embracing smart landscaping techniques, and turning off some of your devices, you can create a cooler environment without relying more than you need to on air conditioning. These hacks not only keep you comfortable but also contribute to energy conservation and lower utility bills. 

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